How to Make Your 2022 Sales Kickoff Stick

Get actionable insights for maximizing the effectiveness of your sales kickoff

The annual SKO has served as the premier event for companies to bring their sales teams together to review sales strategy, align around annual priorities, develop selling skills, and bond as a team.

With the world of hybrid work evolving every day, we must rethink achieving these same goals without a traditional event.

In this session, we discuss:

  • Why SKOs are more important than ever
  • Leveraging technology to create a better SKO experience
  • Designing an engaging and inclusive hybrid program
  • Using collaborative learning to ensure sales training sticks

What others said about this session:

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“Relevant and great ideas."

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“It's so difficult to keep engagement so your reference to make it a Journey really resonated with me."

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"Good content, good time length for information."

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