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"Yes, but I need to meet with the real decision-maker" “I’m stuck with a lower-level contact and they don’t want to give me access to their boss.” “If I go over my contact’s head, I’m afraid I’ll ruin my relationship.” As sales professionals, I’m sure we’ve all had these thoughts go through our minds as we pursue new opportunities. Getting access higher in the organization can certainly be challenging, but insinuating that the person you’re talking with isn't empowered or important enough for your presentation isn't a great way to build trust and rapport. And it’s not a good excuse to give up on the deal either. You need another approach.

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Many senior sales leaders are enamored with “linearity”- the concept that the sales process can be broken into monthly, weekly, and even daily activities.

Selling Skills | Building Relationships | Complex Sales

If you sell technology solutions, you know that meeting with Technology Officers early in the sales process can dramatically improve your odds of success. CTO’s set the technology strategy for the organization and then send the marching orders downstream. They also understand how your solution can potentially impact other departments within the organization—critical information in situations where you are navigating a complex sales process.

Building Relationships | Sales Management | Complex Sales

When navigating a large, complex sales opportunity, one of the most important relationships a sales rep can cultivate is the "customer coach."

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In most sales situations, prospecting means setting the appointment while the actual selling occurs during the meeting. This distinction gets murkier when you're selling into a complex sales account. Here's why.

Selling Skills | Complex Sales

One of the most important decisions a sales professional can make is whether to pursue a deal. Chasing bad, unqualified deals takes up time, resources and distracts focus from more desirable deals that are likely to close. Yet many salespeople have "never met a deal they didn’t want to chase." Perhaps it’s ego, maybe optimism, but they find it hard to say no. Great salespeople, however, are brutally honest about assessing whether an opportunity is worth chasing. This is particularly true about RFPs.